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"THREADS is a great encouragement for those who feel their wounds are too deep and their sins are too big for God to forgive. Her message is simple: God loves you. He brings healing to all and can use you despite your past."                                    Gretchen Goldsmith,President, Rose Publishing/Aspire Press

   Autobiographical narratives are understandingly popular in an age where people are more in love with themselves than at any other point in history, but Teri Ann Moyer’s “Threads” is an unusual, and welcome, addition to the genre. In fact, “Threads” fits surprisingly well in this post-modern society because it abandons the traditional styles and techniques employed by most autobiographers—instead of a self-centered concentration on the writer, the book chooses instead to focus on the center of Moyer’s affection: that of Christ.

   In recounting her years of loss and of personal struggle, Moyer doesn’t take the time to wallow in self-pity because she is too consumed with threading together a narrative that has so much passion and concern for those who haven’t had the privilege of knowing Christ. It’s an honest book in which Moyer is willing to open up and painfully recount her issues with addiction and sin; a raw self-examination in which she selflessly exposes herself so that others can see the truth of Christ.

    The gospel woven throughout “Threads” is handled with such zeal no one can question the validity of Moyer’s motives, and in the end, the Christian reader will most likely find themselves sharing an equal passion for stepping out and giving the gospel to those without Christ. But truthfully, it’s those who haven’t experienced the saving grace of Jesus for whom Moyer truly writes, and they are confronted with the truth of the gospel countless times throughout “Threads.” And even if these readers reject the truth after hearing Moyer’s repeated, passionate pleas, they cannot but be aware of the love she has for them.

    Read this book—if anything to renew your love for Jesus and to boost your desire to reach those who do not yet know Him.                                                            President/Founder, Last Words Ministry

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